Two months ago, I graduated from college. One week later, I married the man of my dreams. Now I’m working and living with my dreamy husband just outside of Franklin, TN.

I thought I’d try my hand at blogging again. Since I finally decided to leave my old blog behind. (I had that blog since 7th grade. And no one should have a blog in 7th grade.)

Why “of life & pen”?

Well, because I like it. And because it’s a phrase taken from a quote by Henry Law in his book Christ is All:

Let me use every power of life and pen to magnify and exalt Christ; beseeching men to ponder Him, to search for Him, to receive Him, to love Him, to follow Him, to serve Him, to commend Him, to live in Him, and through Him, and for Him. I would thus strive, the Spirit helping, to assail and melt and conquer hearts that Christ may there be enthroned in all His rightful majesty, a beloved and adored Lord.

The purpose of this blog, I hope and pray, is the same as my purpose in life: to magnify and exalt Christ. I hope that this blog, my stuttering words and ordinary life, might urge even one person to ponder, search for, receive, love, follow, serve, commend, live in, through, and for Him.

So feel free to follow along with our life and happenings through pictures, quotes, and snippets. Here’s to hoping this isn’t my first and only post.

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