About Me

Crafting quality content in a creative way.

Hi, I’m Courtney! And since graduating from New College Franklin in Franklin, TN, I have:

  • marketed for several small businesses,
  • managed content on multiple social media platforms,
  • designed websites and graphics,
  • created and managed Facebook and Google ads,
  • written emails, web pages, and blog posts for small business, churches, and political campaigns.

You can see my work here→

In my free time, my husband and I enjoy visiting and rating Nashville coffee shops on the Hipster Scale, reading classics (and sometimes non-classics, too), hiking the TN mountains (which are pretty large compared to the Mississippi ones back home. Hint: they don’t exist), watching The Office, photographing people, creating short films, painting, and practicing calligraphy.

Interested in working or collaborating with me? Let’s connect→